It Will Be Alright Just Breathe!

Yo what is up guys, we are Scarlet-Clarity and we would like to tell you who we are. We are a site that just wants to keep it clear and not play around “Scarlet-Clar” alright. We want to make sure that you get a great view of your life through our computer lens AKA as our scarlet lens. We know that what we post here may seem foggy like some bad lens, however we take the time to encourage you about where we are coming from. We know many other camera websites do not do this. We want to be as clear and Scarlet-Clar as possible because we cannot afford to make mistakes. We want to make sure that you guys are getting a clear cut message of who we are and what we represent. We know it may not make too much sense at first about what we do, just give us time and a chance to figure out what needs need to be met. We will do our part on our end as long as you guys do your part on your end. We know that you will truly benefit from taking in the notes that we have to offer and applying them to your own life, this is not a follow me and your dreams will come true type of endeavor, this is more of a team of like-minded people who are networking with each other and making films that will definitely last a lifetime. We know that it is gradually hard at first to get something rolling, when you get the ball rolling however you will start to see a snowball type of effect as things to start to go your way. We know that many people may not see themselves getting momentum like a snowball when on their journey and it is totally fine for now, why it is fine is because you will be well on your way to whatever you want to pursue.


  • We love building relationships with our fellowships in Scarlet-Clar. We know that the relationships that we build are long lasting not flimsy and that the people who go to our site will definitely come back over and over again for more.
  • Making commitments is something we live by. When we say making commitments is something we live by we really do mean it, when we say we will do something we intend to carry out everything we said and leave no broken promises.


We hope that you guys have absorbed a-lot from our little talk because if you did not then we feel as if we did not do our job. When we do not do our job than we want and encourage you guys to call us out that way we can learn from our mistakes. We know that we may have expressed a-lot of values here and if you are not really up to par with everything that we have covered than that is totally fine come back tomorrow, to see our latest content. Good-Bye.