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No one ends up desiring to do a terrible job, such as making sandwiches at the front desk. When is the last time that you ever said that you wanted to flip burgers on the front line? I do not ever remember saying that I wanted to dodge bullets on the front line, either. Regardless, the entire point is that, if you have a huge dream (typical one being a superstar singer or actor), then why not chase it? Of course, it is because there are many, many people who do so and end up with signs that say “STRUGGLING ACTOR” or “STRUGGLING AUTHOR” or “DISABLED VETERAN”. It is not a shot towards actors, authors, or veterans; it is just the reality that dreams get crushed, or should I say “people give up on their dreams”. You can still hold on to your dream and work a dead-end job to get the bread up.

One of my favorite rappers in the music industry is Dizzy Wright. Why? He actually worked a job that sucked while he was still famous on YouTube, getting views surpassing 600,000 people. He knew he needed a job to take care of his daughter, all the while still pushing his dream and getting fans for his music.

I was reading an article on how people are stuck at a dead end job by living in an area where there is high unemployment and having skills that are limited. When that happens, you will be forced to go with a job that will put food on the table. Wouldn’t you?

Well, according to a new research study, people will choose something that seems quite obvious, only to surprise people at the end.

Two groups of subjects were told that they could pick one of two jobs that would offer the same amount of pay. Job A would be something mind-stimulating like playing crosswords, and Job B would be something that did not stimulate the mind, like watching people play crosswords. When asked which of the jobs they preferred, most people preferred watching the crosswords. In essence, when asked which job was more interesting, most picked the crosswords. When asked which job to pick if the prices were the same, they pick the mind-numbing job of watching people play cross words, because as Comerford explains in paraphrase, “ Unless there is some extra benefit to mind-stimuation by extra pay, they would rather get the mind-numbing job.” Basically, people want to be paid to use their mind, rather than use it to get themselves to higher status in life. The last time I checked, I would rather take the more interesting job if I even chose to have a job. I am an entrepreneur and could care less about finding a “good job with benefits”. That sucks for me; however, for those people who choose to spend their lives looking for the “fairest compensation” for their misery, toodles to you.


One thing is for sure: you will not be wealthy.